Re: Mach2 and PHD2 Guiding recommendations

Roland Christen

It's really quite simple.

1) Set a delay of 2 to 3 seconds between guide exposures. No need to chase gear errors because there aren't any.
2) use whatever exposure time you want to get a good signal/noise ratio (usually from 1 to 5 seconds)
3) use Guiding assistant to gauge the seeing and set your MinMove to what is recommended.
4) depending on seeing, the aggressiveness can be set between 50% to 90%.

Be sure that your guide scope focal length is set properly in PHD2 in the scope setup window.

Then image away.


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I seem to recall that you mentioned in a post a month or so ago that you were working on recommendations for PHD2 guide settings with the Mach2.  Have those been memorialized anywhere in a single location so we can look them up?  If not then I can certainly start looking through your posts here on the forum.
Dean Jacobsen 
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