Re: Which to Choose; Absolute Encoders or 92 mm Stowaway

Roland Christen

At the bottom of the RA axis there are 6 Socket head screws that hold the RA body onto the base. These can be removed and then you can lift the RA and Dec axes off the base. This reduces the weight that you have to lift by 11 lb, so you end up lifting only 31lb. When you re-assemble, you can leave out the two middle screws when you re-assemble the mount, they are overkill. You can leave the base on your tripod when you move it indoors so you are ready for action the next time you go out. Simply place the mount back onto the base, attach the 4 outer screws and tighten them. That's the best I can recommend to you all for now.


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If we could somehow split the Mach2 so that the heaviest part is less than 30lb, is that worthwhile?

Sorry to pick up this old thread, but I will wholeheartedly cast a vote for being able to split the Mach 2 into separate pieces.

When I image from the backyard I need to carry all my equipment up about 8-9' of stairs. I found that it is doable with the Mach1, but the 42 lb. weight of the Mach 2 has me a little worried. I'm not a big guy, and have had a minor knee surgery and three major hip surgeries (last one just 10 days ago), with the prospect of a few more down the line. Anything towards reducing the Mach2 mount weight is music to my ears.


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