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Karen Christen

Hello Tom,


I’m not entirely positive I understand your question, but I think you’re asking about whether we’re filling orders.  Since March 23, only Roland, Marj, and I are working at Astro-Physics.  Our outstanding office and tech support crew are working from home, and one of our assembly folks has been doing initial assembly of Mach2s at home.  The remainder of our staff – our amazing machinists, finishing folks, assemblers, and shipping expert – are not allowed to work at this time, meaning production is completely stalled.  We’re crossing our fingers that our region will meet the goals that will permit us to bring these folks back into the shop on June 1, but that is very much up in the air.


With only the 3 of us in the shop we are doing what we can.  We’re filling and shipping any orders we’re able, including accessories we have on the shelf (such as counterweights).  Roland is doing all final assembly and testing of scopes and mounts.   Marj and I have done some assembly of accessories as we’ve run out of shelf stock.  This is all work that would normally be done by 10 other people who are experts and more efficient.  Consequently, orders that require extra assembly or testing, especially uncommon items, are on hold at present.  A polar scope, for example, requires handling and testing by Roland, however he’s been buried with 92mm Stowaways and Mach2GTOs for the last 2 months. 


We understand this is a frustrating situation for you, and I apologize for the delays.  We appreciate your understanding. 

Karen Christen



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What about accessories? I have a polar scope on order. What if I need a counterweight?

Karen Christen

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