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Harley Davidson

I have the ATS 12" pier. I did put bigger, heavier handles on it to make it easier to carry. Thing is HEAVY! I also have the 6" Eagle tripod with an 8" extension and have no issues when using it with the 1100 and a 175 f/8.


On 5/15/2020 2:47 PM, Dean Jacobsen wrote:
On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 06:54 AM, Frost David wrote:
Just get an ATS pier.  They make 8” and 10” ones and their great!  I’ve got a 10” for my 1100 and it is stable as a rock, although heavy.
Yes, the ATS piers are nice... and they are heavy.  I had one for my AP1200GTO.  It was super nice.  Beautiful paint job.  Very solid.  However, I was grateful when there was someone around to help me lift the darn thing into or out of my F350 4WD.  ;-)  As the years passed the 1200 and the ATS pier just got to be too much to lift into the truck, and then out at the remote site, and then back in when it was time to go home, and then back out when I got home.... I actually started just leaving the mount and the pier in the truck from one imaging strip to the next. ;-) 
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