APMM Not Tracking Correctly #APCC


I had a successful trial using APPM for the first time (just purchased software).  I did a simple model first of 25 points; I did a small model first to understand how it works.  Note, prior to this model the mount tracks very well as I did polar / PEM via.  Of the 25 points, I had two failures.  When model was loaded into APCC and I had Pointing/Tracking Correction I was getting significant tracking issues with the Tracking Correction turned on.  Pointing worked very well.

Mount: AP 1600 GTO
Scope: 14" Edge HD
Camera: SBIG STXL 11K w/ Autoguider
APCC: ProVersion v1.8.1.1
ASCOM: 6.4 (latest version)
Other Software: TheSkyX and MaximDL Pro (all latest versions)

APPM Model Loaded:

APPM Running Model:

Pointing Accuracy (Pointing Correction Turned On) but Tracking Correction Turned Off (5 Sec Image):

Pointing Accuracy (Pointing Correction Turned On) and Tracking Correction Turned On (5 Sec Image):

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