Re: What are the advantages of the APCC Pro

Steve C. Mitchell, Sr., O.D.

Hey again Mike,
Wow! that is a gap between your mount and pier. Sorry about that. My permanent pier in my observatory was originally built for an RCX400 several years ago. I got lucky and snagged a "free" piece of 12" square tubing with 1/2" wall thickness that I turned into a pier. I used double 1/2" plates, both 22" square, on top of the square pipe. One welded on and the other mounted on 3/4" bolts in each corner for adjustability and leveling. It has worked great and VERY stable. I swear I could run into it with my truck and barely make it move. For the AP1100 mount I needed a a vertical extension for clearance so I took a 14" long piece of 8" pipe and made it, with another 1/2" plate welded on top of that; the whole thing then bolts down on top of the original pier. So AP's flat plate adapter is bolted on top of the pile!

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