Re: What are the advantages of the APCC Pro

Steve C. Mitchell, Sr., O.D.

Hey Mike,
The pointing accuracy probably isn't a real big deal, as you say, but improved tracking MIGHT be an advantage. IF it would improve the tracking so it doesn't "creep" over time and it could make auto-guiding better, it might be worth it. Taking unguided 10 minute images doesn't pull my chain too much. Guiding seems to work fairly well with my QSI683 with built in OAG mounted on my 12" Meade ACF with piggybacked 80mm F5.6 refactor for wide-field work; so I don't see the advantage of unguided capability.
I can certainly understand the issue with cash flow in this crazy unemployment time! I'm a practicing Optometrist, who's had nothing but emergency patients for almost two months now trying to keep all my employees on the payroll without cash flow has been quite difficult enough, but I don't get anything without patients. Fortunately we we released for full time practice this week here in Kansas. Hopefully everyone will be set free again REAL SOON.
Improved tracking, hmmmm....

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