Re: What are the advantages of the APCC Pro

Michael Hambrick <mike.hambrick@...>

Hi Steve

Good to know that the fit on your mount and pier is good. I have to think about getting one of the flat plate adapters for my pier. I am still using the original 8-inch pier that I bought with my 800 mount in 1992 and the fit of the 1100 mount base is pretty sloppy. It was not long after I got my 1100 mount that I noticed that the mount base would tilt about 1/16" after the counterweights and scope were installed. You can see the gap between the base of the mount and the top of the pier in the picture below.

I have mostly solved the problem by hand scraping the top of the pier to make it perfectly flat and then upgraded to NORD-LOCK washers. I may eventually install some dowel pins to positively hold the mount base in position on the pier.

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