Re: Mount lost sync

Don Anderson

Sounds like more than one device is trying to send time and location data to the CP4 controller during a session. Try disconnecting either your computer or your keypad and operate with only one at a time. The clicking of the keypad may be caused by a dying keypad battery or a bad connection in the keypad, cable or plugs. That could be causing your problem. Again disconnect the keypad first and try operating with the computer (AP Ascom driver) only for awhile and see what happens.

Don Anderson

On Friday, May 8, 2020, 06:46:51 p.m. MDT, Peter Bresler via <pabresler@...> wrote:

My Mach1/GTO4 generally has been working well and trouble free, but it lost its sync a couple of times recently, meaning that the park 3 position was way off. Easy to fix, but I am wondering why it happened?  I use plate solves and syncs with SGP.

Also, the keypad, which I seldom use at all, has been clicking when I turn on the controller.

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