Re: PEMPro on ASI6200 & QHY600

Tyrel Smith

According to the manual the 6200 supports “hardware” binning up to bin 3x3, and software binning up to bin 4x4. If I’m not mistaken, I thought I read that their hardware binning is only possible using their native driver, and not ascom. I’m not sure if PemPro has camera control software support for anything that has access to the native driver at this time. My understanding is also that hardware binning is basically on-camera software binning that speeds up download time. That said, if PemPro could interface with something running the native driver, then perhaps bin 3 files coming off the camera will be small enough to work. Maybe someone could grab a bin3 file using asi cap and check the file size?

I think the ascom driver has an 8 bit raw mode as well, but I don’t know if the camera is actually compatible with this mode, so someone would need to test it for functionality, and if it actually makes a difference.

Is it possible for PemPro to respect Subframe settings in SkyX or other camera control software?

I have the QHY version arriving tomorrow, and I’ll put this at the top of my testing list. I believe it handles binning differently, with no on-camera bin support. Hard to understand from their documentation. I don’t know if the QHY ascom driver has an 8 bit raw mode.

Using a different camera for PemPro polar alignment and then mounting up my imaging camera would be a workaround, but not something I’d want to do long-term. PemPro is an integral part of my workflow, so I hope there is a reasonable solution to be found. 

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