Re: Mount recommendation for TEC 180FL with FLI 16803 + FW #Mach2GTO

Shailesh Trivedi

Hi Stuart,

If I absolutely need the 1600 then that may be an option. Alternately I do have a Paramount MX (legacy) with a 90 lb payload  capacity which may or may not suffice. The TEC 180 spec says 37lbs and 44 inches lenght retracted; so by the time I add the FLI camera + FW it adds another 15lbs and focusing will add another 4-5 inches to the length easily.

That said, I am eagerly awaiting the Mach2 notification since its size/weight/encoders for the price are all quite alluring and is the closest I will get to a portable setup. As we get older, our definition of portable changes. Though for me the TEC 180 FL will be far from portable (to some it is easy).


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