Re: Adjust CP4 Clock Frequency

Craig Young

I do agree with you that errors in polar alignment, tube flexure, mirror shift, cables, etc can all contribute to factors that will reduce the effectiveness of using APCC for long duration unguided imaging on larger SCTs.  I have seen this also on Parmount mounts where ATrack is used to correct tracking over long periods of time, so it is not just an AP problem.  ATrack doesn't really care if the sidereal tracking rate is wrong or polar alignment or any other problem with the system, it is similar to using an autoguider which also corrects tracking, but in a different way.  So there is no real need to try and diagnose the system when it is not really needed.

It is best to simply accept the limitations of the system, which includes the mount, the optical train, the pier and foundation, sky conditions, etc and just plan to use an autoguider or a program like ATrack.


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