Re: need learning aids for astrophoto

Don Anderson

No worries Geof! Another challenge Dick is facing is his location. Atlin is in the NW corner of British Columbia near the border with Alaska pan handle. This is on the lee side of the coastal mountain range. Seeing conditions will be a challenge for long focal length astrophotography. We here in Calgary Alberta face the same problem being on the East side of the Rockies. That's why I stick with wide field.
Keep safe.

Don Anderson

On Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 09:33:35 a.m. MDT, Geof Lewis <geoflewis@...> wrote:

Thanks for pointing out my error, I should have read the original post. Yes, a 12" will make the difficulties that I experienced with my 10" Meade all the more challenging, but I believe that it is still possible, just probably not from where you'd want to start...
Regards, Geof

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