Re: need learning aids for astrophoto


I found the following book very helpful when I was dipping my toe into Astrophotography: Getting Started: Long Exposure Astrophotography by Allan Hall.  It is available on Amazon. 

It covers the basics: mount, camera, guiding etc.  The equipment section is probably a little out of date, but the fundamentals discussed in each section are still valid.  It provides a good overview of the whole process.  

I started out with a non-Astro-Physics mount but later moved to an AP1100.  Once I moved the the AP1100 I found that I was no longer fiddling with the mount because it just blends into the background.  Once your ready to actually start trying to image, I would recommend that you start with a 90-127mm refractor.   If you jump right into a long focal length scope you could spend a lot of time chasing your tail while you're trying to learn the basics.  Just my 2 cents.


Fred Keller
Gold Creek Observatory
Martinsville, IN

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