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thanks, charles, for the advice.    i'm a "re"-new watcher, so i appreciate all new comments.

dick fast

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Dick, there is a choice you will have to make up front on cameras. Either one shot color like the ZWO ASI294MC Pro or monochrome with red, green and blue filters like the ASI1600MM. These are the only two I have used personally and they both have pros and cons.  

For the mount, I would go with the 1100GTO.  Mach2 is over a year wait if you get on the list now. I have a 10" truss RC and it's a little bit much for the Mach1 as well as an 11" RASA. I ran these on the Mach1 and it did ok but I could tell they would be better suited to the 1100.  You call also get absolute encoders on the 1100 but I have never felt like I needed to use them. This subject could get controversial. 

Hopefully that helps some.


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Dick, get ready for the deluge of advice! LOL! This is THE list for getting help with premium gear. 

I'm pretty certain that an AP1100GTO would be more than adequate for the 12" LX200 OTA. You can get on the list for the Mach2 which I think would be awesome but not sure the wait time for those. Karen or Marj will know.

As for cameras ... if you look in this list's archives there was a very recent lively discussion about the move away from ccd to cmos and which cameras people are favouring.

As for books: you can't go wrong with the classics like Terry Dickenson's Backyard Astronomers Guide but newer resources might be more useful when it comes to gear. 

Camera choice will come down to what you want to photograph. You going to go after planets? One camera. Deep sky? A different camera. 

On Mon, 4 May 2020 at 17:30, fastqx . <fastqx@...> wrote:
i'm an old guy who, after 25 years absence, (now at N 59.5 degrees) wants to watch the sky again. can you help me find a book/course/tutorial that would update me on modern amateur astrophotography? i am building a new dome, and have an old meade 12" lx200. electronics are eff-ed, but ota is just fine. i'm looking for a solid equatorial mount and the requisite "go-to" and tracking software.

dick fast
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