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Sébastien Doré

Thank you very much for the precision Karen!


Le 2 mai 2020 à 13:25, Karen Christen <karen@...> a écrit :

Hello Sebastien,


Since we have exhausted the old Mach1 list from late 2018/early 2019, the second run of Mach2s will be offered beginning with folks who signed up in April 2019.  With the Illinois stay-at-home order recently extended we do not anticipate having our production staff back until the end of May at the earliest.  This makes it very difficult to estimate delivery dates for these mounts, which is why we have not yet notified anyone on the list.  We are hopeful to begin notification late this month with delivery starting in late Summer 2020.  However, this may all change based on Illinois law.  Thank you all for your patience. 





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Hello Karen,

Is the second run you're in the middle of for those who signed up in April 2019 ?  I did sign up back  then but I have not been notified yet. Have you started notifying people on that list ? The website seems a bit outdated as it says we will be notified in mid-march...

Thank you and be safe.


Karen Christen

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