Re: PHD 2 Guiding "Good Enough"

John Thompson <jbtgolfer@...>

Thank you for the responses to my "Guiding-Good enough" post. Yes. I have run PEMPro, loaded the "model" to the CP4 controller and Enabled PEC on the mount. However, it has been a while (>1 yr) so a new run at it would probably be beneficial. I will make that my first priority. I would like to reduce the RA error.

I have two AP mounts in the observatory , an AP 1100 and an AP 1600. The AP 1100 has encoders. I plan to add encoders to the AP 1600 this summer. I agree that it is easy to get drawn into "perfection" on this topic. However, when you ( all of us) make a big investment in the best equipment ( Astro Physics) you like to get full value. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

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