Understanding AP Power Distribution System, Mach2


I am a new to AstroPhysics hardware and need help sorting out the connectors on the GTOCP5 Micro-Step Servo System.  There is a 2-pin connector on the GTPCP5 marked "12V DC" which I assume is a power input for the controller. The corresponding cable is a cylindrical connector with a two pin locking adapter on one end and a power pole connector on the other. 

The supplied 24V power adapter apparently is inserted into the 12V power pole connector on the rear of the RA housing.  Does this power adapter also supply power to the GTOCP5 through the RA and DEC cables (that go between the RA connector panel and the GTOCP5)?  In other words, does the GTOCP5 need 12V applied to the 2-pin cylindrical connector on the GTOCP5?



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