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Wade how do you like that pegasus powerbox?

i've been curious about it, but it's a little pricey and i don't need the focus motor controller.

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I have a small form factor PC (a Core i5) installed in an Apache case, along
with a RigRunner, an Ethernet hub and a wireless router.  I also have a
Pegasus Astro Ultimate PowerBox V2 mounted to the top dovetail plate on my
OTA.  The Ultimate PowerBox runs the focuser and dew heaters, and provides a
USB hub for the main and guide cameras.  I have one power cable and one USB
3 cable that run through the AP1600.

I have no cable snags because most of the cabling rides on the OTA and I
have just the two cables running through the mount.  For setup and take
down, I have just the above 4 connections to plug in.  And when I want to go
portable, I can take the OTA and Apache case along with my AP1100 and use
the same setup.

When I want to image, I carry the Apache case out to the mount and attach
the two through-the-mount cables to the computer.  I then attach the
Ethernet and power cables from the CP4.  At home, I have the wireless router
configured as a bridge to my how wireless network.  In the field, I have the
wireless router configured to run as a hotspot.   I run the whole thing by
using Remote Desktop to connect to the computer from a laptop, a tablet, or
another PC, depending on whether I am home or in the field. 

This would work great with a Mach2.  The only difference would be that I
would use the Mach2's power and USB routing instead of running my own cables
through the mount.  I was inspired to change my setup to work like above
after looking at the Mach2 at Advanced Imaging Conference.  That was a neat
setup with two refractors mounted side-by-side with an Ultimate PowerBox
between them.  Prior to doing it this way, I mounted the PC, the RigRunner,
the wireless router, etc. on a plywood board.  I strapped the board to the
pier and ran all the cables through the mount.  The way that I'm doing it
now is much cleaner and easier.

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Rather than put a mini pc on the moving side of my AP 1600. I mount a
Startech 7-port industrial USB and a Rig Runner power distribution and run
two cables through the mount. I house an industrial mini PC and two power
supplies, one for the mount and one for the accessories, in a waterproof
cabinet. I use Belkin Wemo wireless switched outlets to turn power on and
off. I run the mini PC headless from my office using Windows Remote Desktop.



Brian Valente

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