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Karen Christen

Hello Dean,


The short answer to your question is: no.  The IL Governor has extended the Stay-at-Home order for another month with very few alterations.  The primary changes include allowing some parks to re-open, retail stores may now process online orders for pick-up or delivery, and garden centers may open (assumedly as a potential source of food).  But manufacturing, specifically for non-essential items, remains prohibited. 


Our office folks and some production staff will continue to do what they can at home, and the rest will remain out of the shop and not working.  Roland, Marj, and I are working 65-75 hours per week to do all we are able here at the shop.  We appreciate everyone’s patience.


Karen Christen



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We are busy assembling and shipping. I have people doing sub-assemblies at home and I am doing all final assembly and testing here. There are mounts going out pretty much every day now.

I see that Illinois is opening up the stay at home order a bit. Will you be affected in a positive way?
Dean Jacobsen 
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