Re: Mach1 CP3 pier crash!! (Similar to CP4 crash in another thread)



Consider one from Powerwerx too.  They make two, one with a set voltage and two Powerpole jacks on the front, and this one, with an adjustable output.  I started with a Pyramid but that thing got super hot every time I had it out, was heavy and bulky, and didn’t really supply enough power.  These are built very well, I’ve been using them for years without issue, and they run cool and quiet.  Very nice.


On Apr 28, 2020, at 8:57 PM, CurtisC via <calypte@...> wrote:

Thank you Rolando et al.  The power supply went south.  It's the Pyramid that A-P used to sell.  I substituted a Radio Shack power supply, and the CP3 works fine.  I did a the three park positions available in the keypad successfully.  I need stars now to recalc the mount.  Maybe the Pyramid will come back.  It was much hotter than normal when I disconnected it.

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