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Konstantin von Poschinger


Try to give more time for recentering and use the multistar guiding in maxim.


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Am 29.04.2020 um 00:34 schrieb John Thompson via <jbtgolfer@...>:

I apologize. I should have provided more information in my "bouncing stars"post. It's an AP 1600 mount (no Encoders) with a TEC140 F/7 scope with a FLI Atlas focuser. It's running Maxim for the main camera, SBIG STF-8300 and PHD for the guide camera, a SBIG ST-i. I am using APCC Pro with SkyX for the planetary program. The focus program is FocusMax. The session runs auto using CCDAutoPilot5. I am shooting LRGB 10 images each filter @ 600 sec using a 5 pixel dither between images. PHD is running RA and DEC in Hyperstasis with a 60 aggression setting with 3 sec exposures with dithering. Actually the guiding looks very good with very few corrections and a low RMS. I don;t believe the guide star is lost at any time but dithering might be an issue. I will look at the guide logs for any clues. The only time I see something "funny" is during the dithers. But the guiding stops during the dithers and then re-aguires the guide star.

The night was almost perfect, 5 by 5. No clouds or wind (3 MPH max) All cables are routed through the mount and appear ok.

I may try some imaging at 600 sec with no guiding tonight and some with no dithering. Thank you all for the comments. Any other ideas are appreciated.

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