Re: Shure VPL/93

Paul Hyndman <pghyndman@...>

Hi Chuck,

The system has a list price of $500+ and, since it isn't a run-of-the-
mill item, is neither in stock or discounted at most authorized


the guys at Agus Industries (1-888-922-2295) or:

have the whole shebang (receiver, xmitter, mike, leatherette storage
pouch, and accessories)... in stock... for $331.50! Another site was
willing to sell me one for a couple of bucks cheaper, but did not
have them in stock, whereas Argus shipped it out the very next day...
nice guys to chat with too! (Tim and Joe? I think)


Where did you buy the Shure VPL/93, and for how much, if I may ask?

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