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Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

I recommend the Radio Shack micorphone mentioned in the manual. And/or if you want to spend the money the microphone from Shure also mentioned in the manual available through Astro-Physics works very well.
 Remmeber you want to have a microphone with sufficent output voltage to get signal to my voice engine.
- Charles Sinsofsky
p.s. please see your manual section on microphones for good suggestions.
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Subject: [ap-gto] Microphones for DSV

Hello everyone, What type of microphones and computer combinations have you found to work best with the DSV. My desktop is a Pentium II 350 with 128MB RAM, and my laptop is a Pentium 120 with 48MB Ram(was only 16) with a dual scan screen. There was up to a four fold improvement when I added the extra 32MB RAM. AS expected the built in mic. in the laptop had terible recognition. The desktop mic. worked fair with the laptop. At Staples I tried a Andrea NC50 for $15. It would not work with either computer. Their was too much background noise according to the set up wizard. I returned it and bought a Labtec C-315 Headset/Boom Microphone for same price and it was the same style as the Andrea. The Labtec works with both computers. It has higher recognition than the desktop type microphone. Labtec makes a couple of microphones that are more suited for voice recognition which are in the $30 to $50 range. My recognition is not 100%, so a better microphone should help and at the same time I need to work on speaking more distinctly. Also the dual scan is fair for showing the display. Sincerely, Stephen Russell
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