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Mike Shade

I have had a similar problem with my 1600.  I run ACP...everything runs along fine...would shoot a series of R, G, B frames.  All of them are fine except there will be several in a row where the mount oscillated in RA-the star is there but there are "ears" where it oscillated.  Intermittent, which as you know are the hardest problems to DX.  No clouds or anything.  Have you seen what you mount can do unguided as a base?  Is everything smooth meaning cables and such?  Imaging train snug?


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Vega, the brightest one, is now dropping towards the west.  Can it be half

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Antares blinks a sad farwell to fall...

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I need some advice I am getting bad images 80% of the time due to "bouncing" stars. It's a zig -zag pattern. It seems to occur on the East side of my AP 1600 mount. I have attached an image. Has anyone seen this pattern and any suggestions?

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