CP4 Firmware Upgrade Failure

Jack Huerkamp

I found my Astro Physics username and password.  I downloaded the latest CP4 firmware package and unzipped the contents into a folder on my desktop  I printed out the installation instructions and I got as far as "Determine Your IP Address"

I tried three different CAT6 cables connected to the Ethernet port on the CR4 and to my computer.  Since my serial number is CP4-0109, I calculated that the IP address would be: 

I disconnected the keypad from the CR4 and I also disconnected the Serial connection to the top DB9 connection (I connect to the mount via a Serial to USB on to the computer.)  I left the power cable, the CAT6 cable and the Wye Motor cable connected to the CP4.

Since I have APCC Standard (latest version), I tried starting it to get/verify the IP address.  When I selected TCP LAN/WiFi or UDP LAN/WiFI, I got an invalid V Chip error.


I closed APCC and tried using Edge, Mozilla and MX5 browsers to access  In all cases the browser timed out.


So now I cannot get a browser to recognize the IP address of the CP4.

Now what?  

Can I remove the VP4 from the mount, bring it into the house, power it up and try connecting it to my computer with a short CAT6 cable to update the firmware?

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp



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