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One more thought...

if there is a router on your LAN with an internet connection, what is the subnet of the LAN you are using? (eg.

If the CP4 is setup to accept a DHCP address it should be provided one by your router. It shouldn't need to be on the 169.254.1.x LAN.

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Thanks for the video. I was unaware of the Find feature in the Connection box which is very nice.

Unfortunately, when I click on the Find button the window pops up but does not show any connection options.
I've attached a snip.

Power is definitely on, Cat5e cable is blinking. Keypad is on.

I also tried eliminating a couple of network switches with a straight run between the computer and the mount, but
no joy.

Closing the Find window and clicking on Mount Connect shows the mount as Parked, Tracking=Zero but the
APCC Unpark button is non-functional.

I went ahead and connected the AP V2 ASCOM Driver and tried Unpark. Again, the Mount Info Park shows
Unparked for a moment but quickly reverts to Parked.

I tried connecting TheSkyX and found I could connect and perform a successful goto.

I tried Parking with TSX and it sent the mount to the Park position but the slew message said Parking and never
went to Parked. TSX remained frozen in this state.

So, what I believe is wrong is the GTOCP4 unit is hosed. There seems to be a communication issue where it is not
reporting or recording the current state. It may be something in the firmware or it may be a physical problem. All of
this is way beyond my pay grade. I think I need to contact AP directly and try to work through this with them. Do
you think that is a reasonable conclusion?

Thanks for all the time and help.

On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 3:46 PM Dan Simpson via <dbs2144@...> wrote:

Thanks Ray, I'll take a look later this evening.

I will say I did forget to check that there was power to the mount when I first started up today. The runaway
at the end of my last session had caused me to hit the power switch on the 12vdc power supply not my Digital
Logger switch. When I switched on the DL this morning it faithfully switched on but the power supply switch was
still off. Took me a bit to figure it out.


On Sat, Apr 25, 2020, 3:23 PM Ray Gralak <groups3@...> wrote:


Here is a link to the youtube video demonstrating park and unpark.

To provide a baseline try to perform the operations I do in the video *exactly* the way I have done

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