Re: AP 1200 won't unpark via APCC

Dan Simpson

Hi Everyone, 
Ok, got APCC and V2 off of the autoconnect. 
Checked and verified V2 is setup for AP1200, GTOCP4 
Verified firmware is VCP4-PO1-13. It flashes on startup but goes blank after maybe a second. 
Closed everything down, depowered the mount and started over. Nothing else running except APCC, V2 and my browser 
Powered up the mount, opened APCC, clicked on Mount_Connect. Then clicked on APV2Driver_Connect. Hope I got that right.
All good, mount is showing Parked, position 5.
Tried Unpark in APCC, V2, no response.
Opened AP Jog. Connected, no response.
Went to the keypad, hit menu to escape EXT mode, selected a site, pushed S direction key for a moment, mount moved.
Back to the computer and the bottom bar showed sidereal tracking. 
Sill unresponsive to Move Scope buttons, nothing.
AP Jog, no response when I tried to move scope. Message: Wrong Tracking State"
Tried Parking using ACPP, no response. 
Tried Parking using V2. Total runaway to the north side of pier. No response from Emergency Stop window, had to move quickly and de-power. 
Currently regrouping.
Couple photos attached
Side note: cant find the ....10 V2 version at the website.
Thanks for the help,

On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 4:20 PM Ray Gralak <groups3@...> wrote:

Some strange things: The driver show NO firmware version, and ascom park status shows "Parking". Because of the multiple mount types and versions that APCC and the driver must handle having NO firmware version can cause weird behavior.

To isolate the problem:

1) Uncheck Auto-connect in the APV2 driver section of APCC.
2) Disconnect the AP V2 driver from APCC and all ASCOM client applications so it shuts down.
3) Open the AP V2 ASCOM driver setup and make sure the correct mount type (AP1200) and GTOCP4 are selected.
4) Start APCC separately first instead of having the driver start APCC.
5) Make sure you are running VCP4-P01-13 or later version of firmware in your CP4. If not, upgrade to it.
6) Start the AP Jog program and use it to connect to the driver and don't connect anything else to the driver.
7) Confirm the correct firmware version shows in the driver.
8) Perform your park/unpark tests again.

-Ray Gralak
Author of APCC (Astro-Physics Command Center):
Author of PEMPro V3:
Author of Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver:

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> Subject: [ap-gto] AP 1200 won't unpark via APCC
> I've been enjoying good results using my older AP1200 (ser. # 1200410) for a year or so now. I upgraded last year
> to a CP4. I generally use ACP for automation and am using APCC and the V2 driver. The problem reared up
> starting last week while using ACP as I began to have trouble with plate-solving errors. The scope/mount wasn't
> pointing anywhere near where it should have been. First thing I did was to simplify and take out all of the
> complications so all of my recent troubleshooting has been manual, no ACP.
> I think I'm up to date with both APCC (Ver. and AP V2 ASCOM 5.30.09.
> The problem shows up on startup. I power up the mount and then open and connect APCC & AP V2 without
> problem. But when I click the Unpark button the scope using APCC  the APCC screen does not show the scope
> as Unparked. The Park button remains grayed out and the Unpark button remains active - but no matter how
> many times I click on the Unpark nothing changes. The weird thing is the scope is indeed tracking, it is visibly
> moving at a tracking speed. Also, the bar across the bottom shows the scope is tracking at sidereal and the yellow
> tracking/parked/stopped info display in the Telescope Position section shows as Tracking. However, I can't get the
> scope to move using the APCC buttons in the Move Scope section.  I've pasted a screen shot of APCC and V2 at
> that point.
> One other piece of information is that the keypad continues to function. I'm able to Unpark and Park as well as do
> Goto's to objects in the the keypad catalog. I did find I can use V2 to send the scope to all Park locations (but not
> using APCC) however the scope does not actually Park as it then continues to track out of the Park location.
> I know I'm forgetting some details, I was up all night working on this. I am certainly open to any all suggestions.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dan

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