Re: Which to Choose; Absolute Encoders or 92 mm Stowaway

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Michael,
    Yes, I’m Canadian. Although long- retired,  I never was a scout, but for the past 17 years, I did help a senior, who volunteered as Editor, in the Polish Scouts organization. It was fun to help with photo editing and PC support, in publishing their semi-annual magazine. I sometimes suggested to her, that the boys and girls, scouts,  who contributed articles, should get more involved in actually producing their magazine, to earn an “Editing Badge” for their hard work. Maybe it could lead them into Journalism some day. But, I was informed that “creating any new badge”, requires permissions of the International level “Baden Powell” organization, in London (?), so it is rarely done. I hadn’t heard that there even is an Astronomy badge. Perhaps those here didn’t either. But, I’ll pass this on, in case they aren’t aware of it either.
    However, I am very glad to read that there is a badge for Astronomy. The tasks you outlined are impressive.
Thinking about having scopes, and earning badges, in such organizations, reminds me of the quote: “ The mind is not a Vessel to be filled, but rather a Torch to be lit ”.
    And so it would be for the kids becoming interested in Astronomy and other science & maths skills.
These are the new generations, for whom ... “Outward Bound”, may have an entirely new meaning some day.
Joe Z.

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