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I couldn't help replying to the moans of mobile setup.  I hear ya!

I have a 1200.  Its kinda heavy to setup, but works so very well, so solid... wind is not a problem at all.
It is a pleasure to use.  Especially for outreach.  Tho I mostly use it "in the field" (outreach) and it is a bit of chore to setup.
The 1200 RA axis is a "heavy lift" to get it on the 54" pier with my 5' 9" frame.

So years ago I got an 1100 thinking it would "lighten the setup".   But two things happened...
1) I decided to use a Losmandy HD tripod instead of a portable pier.
    This added another (?) 10 lbs of aluminum adapters to the bottom of the mount.
2) The 1100 has though-the-mount cabling (unlike the 1200) and is super nice.
    But splitting the DEC from RA is now a bit more tricky.

So I leave the 1100 assembled (minus the DEC saddle plate), with the Losmandy tripod adapter attached; it travels in a big foam lined storage box.
It turns out the 1100 assembled like this is about the same "lift" as the 1200 RA axis.
So much for "lighten the setup".   On the upside , the 1100 setup/teardown time is a bit quicker than the 1200.

Mach 2 is looking attractive... Mach 1 even more so.   AP 400 even more!

Fwiw, this weekend I picked up a "craigslist bargain" Super Polaris which I will use for "quick setup" visual occasions with the new AP Stowaway.


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Very well put.  And so true.  My Mach1 gets heavier every year.




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You ask if it would be worthwhile to split the Mach2 into two parts...


For me, absolutely. The main reason that (then) I chose the Mach1 over the MyT (despite my love of the red color :)) was the 28lb vs 35lb head, and the ability to break the Mach1 in two pieces--which, thankfully, I have not so far needed to use. 


When I heard about the Mach2 with encoders, I was thinking I *might* sell my Mach1 to upgrade--until I found out the weight which (for me) would be prohibitive, as I am mobile and will remain so for the foreseeable future. 


As you said, the AP crowd is graying. Muscles are dwindling, knees are twitching, backs are creaking. All while encroaching light pollution is forcing most to travel in order to image. 


Lightweight or modular should be the holy grail for mounts. 

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