Re: Which to Choose; Absolute Encoders or 92 mm Stowaway


Why not just reissue the Mach 1?  No development needed, just manufacturing capacity.  All of the tooling is there.  It's a much lower price point than the M2.  If the manufacturing capacity is not there, farm out the job to another US based shop.  



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I would love it if you made another smaller mount.  Hopefully one as accurate as the Mach1.  I picked up a small iOptron CEM40 as a little grab and go mount that complements my 1100.  Its so light and easy to setup, its a pleasure.  It’ll easily carry 25 lbs for imaging.  I got this because there was nothing from AP in this size, but I sure wish there was.  Please make another small one…maybe a little brother to the Mach1.  Dont need encoders on something that small, just something as accurate as the Mach1 would be great!
Plus, you now have a price point hole where the Mach1 was before.


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The MACH1 GTO is 31 lbs
Interesting. I just weighed the two components of the Mach1. Ra weighs 17.20 lb. Dec weighs 11.95 lb. for a total of 29.15lb. That's without the dovetail plate which can weigh +- depending if it's the short one or the long Losmandy one. That's about a pound and half more than the 1100 RA axis alone. Hardly a back breaker.

I also weighed an older 400 GTO mount which came in at 19.5 lb. We had people throwing heavy long 6" refractors on it, so that's why we replaced it with the larger Mach1. Maybe we need to go back to making a newer version of the 400 for use with more modern short focus imaging refractors and the smaller (8 inch) SCTs.


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If I may say so - when I weigh my MACH1 GTO and 1100 RA (no encoders) both 2018 models-
The MACH1 GTO is 31 lbs
The 1100 GTO RA is 27lbs
This is why I like the 1100 so much - it's actually a bit easier to set up (less bulky and lighter) though it takes a bit longer to do so due to the DEC axis (which is even lighter than RA)

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