Re: Which to Choose; Absolute Encoders or 92 mm Stowaway

Joe Zeglinski

In that regard – AP mount’s weight ...
    I always wondered how much more it might cost for a Titanium , or similar lighter metal mount. QUESTAR for example put out a special “limited edition” Questar-LW-Titanium-7  (LW, i.e.  Light Weight) - but only the Titanium OTA parts replacing the original decades-old stainless steel. The Q-mount itself was not changed. In such case, I didn’t see an advantage ot the elder user, where the mount is the heavy-lift components. Likewise, if it were possible, wonder what a Titanium AP-1600 would be like.
    However, having had to dismantle an AP-900, I was nevertheless impressed  and appreciative, in the great lengths Rolando  has gone to “sculpt-out” unnecessary aluminum – even in areas hidden deep inside, away from our eyes -  just to lighten our load.
    A lot of us are now “of a certain age”, even Rolando, (I presume), so the less we have to haul or to lift, the better. Just hope Elon Musk’s new “orbital toys”, causing even more light pollution from higher orbit,  don’t put a practical  end to our imaging hobby,  making such prized AP telescopes and  wonderful new AP mounts obsolete before their time.

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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Which to Choose; Absolute Encoders or 92 mm Stowaway
You ask if it would be worthwhile to split the Mach2 into two parts...
For me, absolutely. The main reason that (then) I chose the Mach1 over the MyT (despite my love of the red color :)) was the 28lb vs 35lb head, and the ability to break the Mach1 in two pieces--which, thankfully, I have not so far needed to use.
When I heard about the Mach2 with encoders, I was thinking I *might* sell my Mach1 to upgrade--until I found out the weight which (for me) would be prohibitive, as I am mobile and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
As you said, the AP crowd is graying. Muscles are dwindling, knees are twitching, backs are creaking. All while encroaching light pollution is forcing most to travel in order to image.
Lightweight or modular should be the holy grail for mounts.

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