Re: Which to Choose; Absolute Encoders or 92 mm Stowaway

Robert Chozick

No stated limit. Whatever falls somewhere in between the two items.  I generally do not ever pick up anything heavy. My back is not great.   


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What's the max weight you would carry?


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I have a 900 and I think the ability to split the axis for lower weight to carry makes a 900 or 1100 much more portable than the Mach 1 or 2. One of the reasons I changed from the Mach 1 to my 900 was because the Mach 1 was too heavy for me to carry.   I wish the Mach 2 was made with a split axis. For that reason I could never own a Mach 2. 


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Thanks Bill. I do love my 1100 mount, and will likely never sell it.

I had a similar dilemma a couple years ago when I posed a question to George whether to get a better mount (I was using an A-P 800 at the time), or to get a better camera. He advised me to sell my 800 mount and get the 1100. That was very good advice and I have never regretted the decision to get the mount.

As you mentioned in your previous post, it often turns out that the financial controller releases more funds later on. This is exactly what happened before. I bought the 1100GTO mount, and then about a year later she let me upgrade my camera.

Isn't it funny how most of the financial controllers are female ? I know that at least for my case I would probably be broke if I were the financial controller :>)

I still have the old 800 mount that I need to figure out what I am going to do with it.

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Do not sell the 1100! It is the best mount A-P makes for all around use IMHO. VERY portable, excellent and spacious cabling system, support for encoders, high weight capacity, and the list just goes on and on.

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Re: [ap-gto] Which to Choose; Absolute Encoders or 92 mm Stowaway

Guess I'm really odd.  In over 40 years of imaging, I've never needed a mount with absolute encoders and I have had a wee bit of success with my images.  Always go for the gold!  The Telescope!  Sell your 1100, get the Mach 2.  Problem solved. In fact, that's my decision. I have a new 1100 but if the Mach 2 has the load bearing capability as described, it's smaller size would make life a little easier.    ;-)  

J. Gleason.  

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I guess i am the odd one out - i would pick the encoders

you have some great scopes there, time to put them to even better use!

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I am somewhere on the waiting list for one of the 92 mm Stowaway refractors, and I currently own an 1100GTO mount without absolute encoders. Someday, lady luck may finally shine her light on me and I will get notified that there will be a Stowaway available for me to order. I am also seriously thinking about upgrading my 1100 mount with the absolute encoders. The financial controller at my house tells me that I have to pick between the scope or the mount upgrade. I would be interested to hear comments from the other members which they would choose. I do almost exclusively imaging, and I already own two nice refractors; a recently upgraded Astro-Physics 180EDT, and a Tele-Vue NP101is. Choices. Choices

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