Re: CP4 Sharing?

Dominique Durand

On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 04:02 PM, George wrote:



“Swap” implies that you want to go back and forth repeatedly.   That you cannot do without losing the PE each time.


If you want to make a onetime move of the CP4 to the other mount, you can certainly do that.   However, you will need to make a new PE once you’ve changed mounts.   After that, you’ll be fine…unless you change the CP4 back. 




Hi George,

To be more precise, I will have my Mach2 / CP5 in my observatory which will not move and my Mach1 for mobile use. On the mach1 I want to replace the CP3 with a CP4 and upgrade the keyboard to benefit from the new correction routines and ultimately have a Mach1 / CP4.




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