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“Swap” implies that you want to go back and forth repeatedly.   That you cannot do without losing the PE each time.


If you want to make a onetime move of the CP4 to the other mount, you can certainly do that.   However, you will need to make a new PE once you’ve changed mounts.   After that, you’ll be fine…unless you change the CP4 back.  






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You can always swap keypads (hand controllers). Nothing will be upset. Swapping keypads is like swapping planetarium programs.


What you cannot do is swap CP controllers. Those are dedicated to each mount and they have the proper settings for controlling each mount's servo motors. These settings are different and unique to each mount.



Hi Rolando,

That leaves me in doubt. On another post I thought I understood that on my Mach1 from 2011 I could replace my CP3 controller with a CP4 and either reload on the EP curve already redone with PEMPro and store on the PC, or repeat the EP measurement again with PEMPro . But I saw on the manuals some mechanical differences between the versions Mach1 / CP3 of 2010-2011 and the Mach1 / CP4 of 2014. Do you configure the CP4 controllers according to the mounts to be piloted and therefore it is enough for you provide the serial number of the frame to be fitted when ordering?






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