Re: New user of an AP1100 #APCC

Steve C. Mitchell, Sr., O.D.

Hey Brian,

That all sounds good. I’ve been starting APCC and using it for all the setting, parking, unparking, etc. and then starting CDC for object selection and slewing to, so far. I haven’t gotten past all that yet, but I’m learning. There is no doubt that a good polar alignment with PEMPro will polish off the pointing. Your suggestions sound similar to what I plan on doing. Coming from a Celestron CGE Pro mount to the AP1100 is like night and day! I can’t believe the better choices and solutions AP has; shoulda done this years ago! The thru the mount cabling option so far seems fantastic to me, no more cable snags or dragging!

I’m excited about the new journey, I love a good Quest. 8>)


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