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Hi Peter,
I got the Shure VPL/93. I wanted a unit that (besides working properly with DSV!) would be able to be powered via my 12VDC scope-side power supply (12 VDC battery :o). Most of the Shure receivers I had seen, were spec'd as using 12.5 to 18 VDC. Not wanting to use an inverter for an AC alternative, or having to worry about the fact that my battery voltage may be insufficient... or get that way later on during the session (although I do most of my viewing in my own backyard, I don't want to have to schlep to many things out there). I decided to see what AP's experiences were.
They have a power source readily available in their observatory, so had not had to much exposure to my potential quandry. Christine generously contacted the techies at Shure and explained the situation.
Their recommendation was the VPL/93, as besides providing the audio quality I was seeking, it could be powered by 12VDC or (better yet!) 9VDC self-contained (transistor radio) batteries.
So far it seems to be working like a charm (I haven't had too much opportunity to give it a decent shake-down yet though... courtesy of the weather and my schedule! 

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Paul, which Shure wireless mike are you using?  And what sort of help did
Christine provide?  I am curious because I have yet to set up my DSV. Thanks,

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