Re: New user of an AP1100 #APCC



I use Cartes du Ciel (CdC) with my 1100 successfully.  Here are some tips, once George gets you up and running smoothly.

Once all the connections are made (ASCOM driver, COM ports, etc), I rarely use APCC for run of the mill operations.  I do start it all the time, because it does provide easy access to useful functions, e.g. Meridian Delay, link to PEMPRO, APPM, Horizons.  In fact, I recall, early on, running the mount with CdC and the ASCOM driver alone with the proper settings in the driver, but perhaps A-P can correct me.  Since you have APCC, the following takes that into account.  My text below takes longer to read than to execute completely!

This assumes your imaging camera and software are already on and showing data.

Power up 1100
Startup APCC and wait for it to initialize fully.
Startup CdC. Ensure that it has the correct location and time for your setup.
In CdC, click the 'Connect Telescope' mini-icon.  (Looks like a dome observatory with a red dot).  This will open the ASCOM Telescope Interface dialog box.
Make sure you have configured the Driver Selection to AstroPhysicsV2.telescope (the AP ASCOM V2 driver)
Click Connect.  It should go green.  If you had APCC setup to AutoConnect on startup, then Park and Tracking should also go green.  If not, click Unpark.
Select an object in CdC and slew to it, using the CdC slew icon.  This typically puts the object within less than a few arcminutes of the center.  This occurs even if the 1100 has not been running for days.
Use the direction arrows in the ASCOM Telescope Interface dialog box to center the object.
Click Sync in CdC.

Slew to other objects using CdC
Park using CdC (also Unpark, if Parked)
Disconnect in CdC

The only time I have had issues is when Windows decides arbitrarily that it wants to reset my COM ports. 

I connect PHD2, SGP, other imaging software, and plate solver, without conflict.


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