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Roland Christen

There is no need to park any of our mounts. You can just yank the power cord out of the wall, then next time plug it back in. The mount doesn't care, and that includes the Mach1, mach2, 1100, 1600, 900, 1200 etc.

Parking simply gives you a reference in case you tear it down and want to build it up again next time close to what you had before and don't want to go thru a lengthy setup routine. That way you can use a level to set one of the park positions where you last left it and simply resume from present position.

The Mach2 never needs to be told where it is even if you don't put it back the way you had it before. Simply resume tracking . My workflow is just this: I open SkyX and press "Connect Telescope". That's it. Done! The cursor on SkyX shows where the scope is pointed. I right click on an object that I want to slew to and it moves there.

When I'm done, I leave the scope wherever I feel like it and simply press "Disconnect Telescope" in SkyX. Then turn off power.

You can do the above with any of our mounts if you don't loosen the clutches. On the Mach2 you can loosen the clutches and move the axes without causing any kind of issue for the next setup. It doesn't matter where the scope is pointing when you click on "Connect Telescope", the cursor on SkyX will show you exactly where the scope is pointed, even if it's pointed to China (down to the ground).

We tried to make this mount, and all our mounts, as easy to operate as possible. Problem is that people go thru all kinds of steps that are simply not necessary. Parking is nice for certain operations, but it is not necessary.


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Even if one adjusts the counterweights to avoid the RAPAS when imaging in the east, it looks like a pier flip to an object just to the west of the meridian will cause the top of the dec. axis to strike the RAPAS.  It is hard to tell though just using photos.

Also, why does one even need to use the park positions with the Mach 2?  The mount is always supposed to know where it is.  So I would think that you could just put the mount in a position where the OTA or the counterweights aren’t in the way of the RAPAS, set the alignment and then just initialize the mount from that position, or wherever else you choose to place it.
Dean Jacobsen 
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