Re: RAPAS on Mach2

Roland Christen

I always use Park2 position to load up the scope onto the top dovetail plate (rings open, swing scope up and into rings, close rings). Then next i slide the RAPAS into its dovetail, position Polaris on the reticle via the alt-az adjusters. Next tighten the alt-az adjusters. Remove the RAPAS with its dovetail by sliding it back out and put is snuggly away into its box. Then it's time to image.

That's how it was designed to be used. Anything else is probably superfluous.


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To all with Questions on Mach2 RAPAS.    It can not be left on the mount in use, period.    If you don't put a weight at the top of the bar, it will clear the mount by some amount (I didn't measure, maybe 3/4"+-).   So basically do not use the top 1/2 or inch or so, you can check for those that get a Mach2.  Something to add to mount directions.    You can not move the mount right (east direction for those in the north).    I was using it with the weight at the top of the bar.     I will probably tape that or block it off somehow so I never go there again.    SO at least I can go west without hitting anything.   But it must still be removed in use.

Thanks for the person who recommended Park2, I've never used that one.. but I think that will work.   Park 4, 5, and 1 will not.   Park 1 can avoid hitting the RAPAS, if there is no weight at the top, but then the weight bar would be in the direct line of sight I believe of the polar scope.    Park 4,5 would hit the RAPAS housing (not the optical tube).   I'll take some pictures.    



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