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Yes, the PE is stored in the control box, but it corresponds with the gear angles of the motors.    When you switch mounts you are switching to totally different gear angles.   Going back to the original mount, the gear angles will have changed slightly, even if the motors do not move.   You are not talking about lining up the lug nuts of a car; rather, you are talking about tiny fractions of an arc second.






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Clarification needed....I have a 900 with CP3 and 1100  with CP4 mounts. I use the same hand controller with both (waiting for the new features before getting a second controller dedicated for the 1100 that can take advantage of those features).  I have a PE curve for each mount that I assume is stored in the control box....not the controller. So I assume if PE is turned on in the controller, it will use the correct one in each control box even though the same hand controller is swapped between them.  I know that once the new features are loaded in the hand controller it won't work with the old CP3 control box...only the CP4.

Am I correct in my assumptions?

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