Re: RAPAS on Mach2

Terri Zittritsch

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 04:30 PM, Dean Jacobsen wrote:
Even if one adjusts the counterweights to avoid the RAPAS when imaging in the east, it looks like a pier flip to an object just to the west of the meridian will cause the top of the dec. axis to strike the RAPAS.  It is hard to tell though just using photos.

Also, why does one even need to use the park positions with the Mach 2?  The mount is always supposed to know where it is.  So I would think that you could just put the mount in a position where the OTA or the counterweights aren’t in the way of the RAPAS, set the alignment and then just initialize the mount from that position, or wherever else you choose to place it.
Dean, you are correct, you don't need to use a park position.    I was just slewing the mount a bit west, enough to get my head in there to look through the scope with my right eye.  This is after running into the weights the first time out, I was a bit 'skittish' myself.  Don't want to ruin my new toy so quickly.   

Just some warnings in the instructions would have sufficed (don't put weights high, don't go east, and do not leave it on the mount).     It just never occurred to me a polar scope would interfere with anything.     It is certainly made well,  like everything else A-P makes, and I'm sure will be accurate to a level necessary for doing most things.  


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