Robert Berta

As I am in Michigan, the RAPAS is fine with my 1100 and 900 mounts and 6" refractor/11" SCT but my club has a 8" D&G refractor on a AP 1200 mount. That long tube (f15 as I recall)  means the mount has to be mounted quite high above the ground so a RAPAS would require a ladder to use it. In that case a 45 degree prism would be ideal. Currently we are using a straight through polar finder....but that means you have to crouch down to use a 45 degree would be ideal. Luckily the mount/scope stays in our dome observatory most of the time but would be nice to have that 45 degree version. So put us down on the side of a 45 degree version. Now that I think of it, even with my own mounts/scopes....a 45 degree version would work fine also.

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