New user of an AP1100 #APCC

Steve C. Mitchell, Sr., O.D.

Hey Guys,

I'm a new owner of a fabulous AP1100 mount that I know is going to be awesome, but some troubles with getting started. First, I'm not new to this game, been an amateur astronomer for 40 years, climbed the upgrade ladder in hardware and software to this current setup with the 1100 mount, 12" LX850, APCC software as well as using Cartes Du Ciel.

I'm just getting everything set up and working and I know this is probably due to the loose nut behind the wheel not comprehending how this fancy stuff works, but.... My only real problem, at this moment is about doing a recal on a star after unparking and initialization. I think I've got everything okay in APCC for the initialization and unparking, the scope goes almost directly to Arcturus, but it's not quite even in the field of view of the 80mm piggybacked on the LX850 (hence my assuming polar alignment issues). Therefore I have to then use APCC to move the scope to both find and center Arcturus and then when I try a recal so I can eventually then go somewhere else, it tells me I can't do that because I moved the scope too far. I strongly suspect IF and WHEN I get it polar aligned it won't be so far off and this might work and maybe I am doing things properly, but...... I tried a sync once which seemed to do nothing but as soon as I tried to go somewhere else the scope flew off to "who knows where" and was totally lost in space. After repositioning the scope with loose clutches and sending the scope to Park 3, then aligning the marks and tightening the clutches; All was well with the Universe again!

I guess I don't understand the recal and sync functions, even though I have read and re-read the documentation, clicked the question mark in the software and read that info, etc. perhaps I am too thick between the ears to get it; at  least yet.

Thanks for listening and hopefully someone can shed a little light on my concerns and dim brain right now.



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