Re: RAPAS on Mach2

Bill Long

On both my mounts, 1100 and Mach 1 the RAPAS is installed at the rear of the RA axis where the tip/tilt plate for calibrating it is located. I am confused as to how on earth a counterweight could ever come anywhere near contacting it. Perhaps a picture of your setup would help?

Park 2, Park 4, and/or Park 5 will all work to keep the OTA out of your face while using RAPAS for alignment.

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On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 12:43 PM, Bill Long wrote:
Perhaps it is a lack of coffee taking effect this morning, but how on earth did the weights hit the RAPAS? Also, you can put the scope in Park 2 to quickly and easily move it out of the way of the RAPAS.
Have another cup.   The Mach2 is a smaller mount than you likely have, and/or, you have your RAPAS installed in the RA rotational axis recess.    So being a smaller mount, with no ability to install in the RA axis center, it's on a stalk that sticks out to the right off of the back of the RA housing,  and the optical tube is forward enough (small mount) to run into the weights.   It can hit the weights (I know this for absolute certainty).   I might have designed a bracket that moves it back far enough so as not to interfere with the mounts operation, but I probably shouldn't second guess such things.. I'm not designing mounts for a living.

With a way to do fast, accurate, polar alignment, I'm seeing pretty good performance.   If it wasn't obvious, I really disliked doing tedious polar alignment.   With Polemaster and/or RAPAS, it's going to be fast and not eat into precious dark sky time.


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