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Geof Lewis

I also use SGP and have a flat panel on the wall of my observatory. All I did was set a custom AltAz park position in the V2 driver so that the OTA points square to the flat panel when parked. Please note that I used to be able to park in a CW up position, but one of the V2 driver updates last year didn’t like that, so I had to move my light panel 180 degrees away to the diagonally opposite corner log my observatory, so that I could use an AltAz custom park with CW down, since when I’ve not had any issues.


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Hi Rathi,

The attached vbscript file can slew the mount to Alt/Az coordinates and exit when the slew has completed.

You will need to change the Alt Az values in the script to the values for your flat panel. You will also need to rename the file without the ".txt". It needs to have a file extension ".vbs".

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> Hi everyone,
> Is there a way to move my telescope to a specific Alt/Az position (location of my flat panel on my observatory wall)
> via a script? I use SGP to image and it does not support going to a specified Alt/Az position to take flats, but it does
> support running a script before taking flats.
> Thanks,
> -Rathi.

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