Ap mach 1 strange behavior


Dear at ap-gto group, 
lately, i gave noticed a weird behaviour with my mach1, i guess this issue comes from my hand controller but i’m not 100% sure. 

So here is the problem : 
1-i unpark my mount (resume from park cmd)  ok
2- i slew to a star -ok 
3- i try to slowly center the star and there comes the problem as the mount refuses to move in AD and does a little move in Dec ... 
Besides, everything seems to go well and if i ask the mount to point somewhere in the sky with the hand controller, there is absolutely no bad motion and the mount perfectly slews to the object ! When i move the mount through the Asiair app, there, again it moves flawlessly same with sky safari ... so how can i be sure this is the hand controller and how to  fix this problem ?

thx for helping me out ! 

Best regards, 

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