Re: Case Foam CUTTING PATTERNS for AP Mounts

Terri Zittritsch

I used for my Mach1 case. Couldn't be happier. I designed it on their web based software. Works perfect and space is maximized for the size of the case. I took a picture of the profile of my mount and traced the outline using their software. Careful measuring is needed to check and verify the pattern but totally worth it.CheersDan

That's a beautiful job Dan!    Having a new Mach2, I'd like to have a case for it.     I purchased a pelican 1600 case, with the eggcrate foam, but the foam is so soft my guess is the whole thing will fall apart in no time, so I returned it.    

I like your process and may give it a go at some point.    

I personally wouldn't worry about the altitude setting needing to be different for everyone, and would prioritize setting the altitude so everything fit best first.   That is for a standard foam cutout pattern.   Resetting the altitude when I put it back on the tripod isn't that big a deal.   Since i'm portable, it needs to be reset when traveling anyway.    My biggest concern with the mach2, is where to put the counterweight bar, it is very substantial and will need some good padding to keep anything around it safe, or its own case.

Can I ask what everyone does with their weights?    Do you put them in their own boxes for traveling?


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