Re: Mach2 Notification Question


Two weeks seems standard in my experience. 

Back in 1998 I got a hint (following thing on the old SAA usergroup) my time might be up on the AP130 list when I was scheduled for an overseas trip.  I sent an email to AP that I would accept if I was was notified while out of the country.  Turns out I was able to get the email notification while I was in England and made a call from there to accept and give a CC number down payment.  A similar thing happened on my Mach1 while traveling in Japan.  A couple of years ago I was off to Nepal for a three week trek and notifications were starting up for the Stowaway and Mak-Cass.  I sent a preemptive email about the Stowaway (declined as I got a Sky90 in 2006 and TEC AP110 a little later to scratch the small quality refractor itch).  I indicated I would accept the Mak-Cass if my name came up, however it did not.  Although I did get notified on the Mak-Cass a year after the trek and was asked to respond promply.  I accepted an hour or two after the email was sent and just love using the scope as it fits my observing stye preciely. 

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