Re: RAPAS on Mach2

Terri Zittritsch

On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 06:45 PM, Mike Shade wrote:
Using the traditional drift alignment method with an illuminated reticle eyepiece, I get round stars near the zenith with my first generation 1600GTO with a five minute unguided exposure, PEC on.  This is with a Planewave CDK 17, 2940mm fl, image scale .63"/pixel, permanent observatory setup.  Never had much use for or luck with software assisted polar alignment, although some people do.  Many years ago I had one of the red robotic mounts from "the other guys" and used their polar alignment program built into their pointing program.  Never seemed to give the same answers though.  The drift does take a bit though but as it is something I check about once a year, not that big of a deal.

That is impressive!     This is what I want.. a once a year checkup on polar alignment!     The Planewave's are also something I've had my eye on!    We were planning to find a place with 10-20 acres this spring, and covid has put a damper on our moving for the time being.     Before the Planewave, I need an observatory!


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